26 January 2011


The Marines Memorial in Rotterdam, NL is a WWII war memorial designed to remind us of Rotterdam's share of the Marine Corps that in May 1940 died defending this Dutch city and the Meuse bridges. Near this site in Oostplein, 112 Dutch soldiers were killed when their barracks was bombed.

On this particular day, flowers were placed at the base of the monument in honor of a marine that recently died. There was no name card for the deceased, may he rest in peace.

Sculptor: Titus Leeser  Unveiled on July 5, 1963 by Prince Bernhard.

A video clip of the Marine Corps (Korps Marinier) monument. The Marine Corps is the oldest entity of the Royal Navy, established in Holland in 1665 (as engraved on the base of this monument)

I chose to extend the beauty of the memorial flowers by sharing them with you today.
Click on any of the four below to view the images.

Yellow Bouquet

Pink Bouquet

White Bouquet

Red Bouquet

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