25 January 2011

De Drie Koornbloemen

De Drie Koornbloemen, in Schiedam, Zuid Holland

The sails of the oldest existing windmill in town - De Drie Koornbloemen (The Three Cornflowers) still turn on a regular basis, but just for show. Built in 1770; it is the only windmill in Schiedam with a miller’s house attached to it. The municipality purchased the mill in 1976 and renovated it's interior. In 1999 the miller's house was restored and now a "volunteer miller", Rens Franks lives there with his wife. The Schiedam Windmills Foundation mission is dedicated to the preservation and management of the windmill heritage in the city. The foundation was created In 1981 and has a reported membership of 18 people ranging in age from 15 to 72.

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