02 September 2010

Letting Go

Moving out of the country is a great activity for the practice of "letting go" of those things one accumulates in life.  in every moment you can ask the question, "do I need this".  When a valid response is slow in coming,  access inside the shipping box is denied, and the item is offered to someone who does.

Over the course of a couple months, you can take a three-level townhouse and pare it down to clothing, bike gear, personal care items, cooking utensils, some favorite framed art, photography/teaching/office supplies, and of course, books.

Not bad for 53 years of a typical American collecting stuff.

I vow for the next 50 years to continue the downsizing activity.  But i have to catch a plane on Friday, so for now, I'll take the current moments and celebrate life with dear friends in Madison before the European adventure resumes.

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